Black Lives Matter

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There should be an equal right to the human no matter whether he or she belongs to White or Black Color. Black Lives Matter is the activist movement which was founded by Alicia Garza on 13 July 2013. The major purpose of this activist’s movement is Anti-Racist Advocacy and protest against the Black people.

black lives matter

Recently in the America the incident of police is brutality against the people of Afro American as they belong to Black. The movement was raised so that the right can be given to the Black people too and this issue was raised against the civil disobedience of nonviolent act. This movement was raised to guide principles should be applied as equally and there should be no discrimination between the globalism, diversity, restorative justice, empathy and inter gene rationality.



The protest for the Black Lives Matter has grown and the public opinion is changing towards the discrimination of black people. There was a man Amhmaud which was brutally bitten by the police men as he belongs to black and this movement has gained the attention of international people. With the help of the social media and by using hash tag people used to begin this movement and raise their concern and issue towards the Black. People used to get discriminated due to the race and race relationship so this legacy has to be finished among the people and the concern towards the equality among the race should be enhanced. In not only America but in all the international country the people should amidst Black Lives and change their attitudes towards those people.

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