Boycott china

Boycott China

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China, the country having the highest population in the world has indulged their hands in almost all the segments of businesses with a vied variety of products that multiple brand names are registered for the same copied product which has a drastic impact on world business. Due to the situation, China started developing low cost and low-quality products considering lower usage frequency as compared to other country products so Boycott China.

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Country has a theory of change and use and throws which is not at all right for the world economy in long run. It not only stops with the low-priced goods; China first make the world to get used to their products and then launch spike in customs and other duties to earn unethical income on such products. This is the main reason of US China trade war which started in 2019 which disrupts in US supply chain for months. US and China always been the high GDP countries and they should maintain the ethical concepts of Trade Union and not to enter in trade wars because of their internal issues.

Boycott china

Due to Chinese products and high supply chain systems established in China, it allows Chinese government to pen down taxed and duties as much as they want which should be stopped by boycotting Chinese products and services. China do not even care about the world peace and economy in the COVID pandemic. The officials as reported, the virus was the result of Lab test done with the biochemicals. Border issues and invalid border attacks on Indian Army soldiers is also a coward behavior of Chinese Army on the land issue. US has taken a good decision by increasing export duties and tariffs on products exported to China as a retaliation measure as this was the best alternate to make China feel about the scarcity of needed products and services.