Climate Change is real

Climate Change is Real

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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is  Real changing due to the increasing global warming and it is demonstrated by the rise in the average temperature. When the patterns of weather shifted and it is causing a threat to the sea, food production, and the other things on the Earth.

Impact of Climate Change

(Current impact): Climate change is negatively impacting the economy as it is affecting the ecosystems and communities too. The increasing temperature leads to an increase in global warming and affecting the environment, agriculture, economy, and also the health of the people. Due to climate change, the impact has also been seen in transportation, wildlife, ecosystem, energy and it is affecting badly.

Climate Change is Real

(Future Impact): Due to the increasing temperatures the major impact has been seen on the changing health of the person as it causing more stress, poor air quality, waterborne disease, etc. In the future, the impact will be seen in food too as the food supply is highly dependent on the weather conditions. The major impact will be on water resources as due to the climate change floods, drought will occur more in the northeastern states and Midwest states.

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Recommendation to Save the Environment

There were several ways through which the earth can be saved from the climate change which are planting the more tress so that fresh air in the environment can be maintained. The climate can be saved by using the resources wisely. The environment can be saved by starting alerting people to save the environment too. People should also waste less and consume less so that they can enjoy life more. By doing less pollution climate change can be saved. The emission has to be reduced and 3R which are reducing, reuse, and recycle has to follow to save the environment.

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