coronavirus (covid 19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It is a disease called coronavirus (COVID-19) which causes illness in the respiratory system in the humans. It is the new virus that is impacting the whole world badly as it is spreading primarily through contact with the person. When an infected person meets with another person then by touches their nose, eyes, and mouth the virus can be spread. There is no current vaccines are made by the scientist which can prevent these diseases.

Symptoms from Coronavirus

It is the flu that causes several symptoms in the person through which they can evaluate that they have the coronavirus or not. The symptoms are they could have fever, cough, and difficulty while breathing.  The people also feel very tired and have a dry cough. Without special treatment also people are recovering from these diseases but the safety of the person is in their hands only. Generally, this disease is capturing in the old people as they have a less immune system.

Safety from Coronavirus

The safety from coronavirus can also be maintained by maintaining the social distance from the people. Wash the hands more frequently and people should avoid touching their faces. The people have to keep the distance from the people who are unwell such as 1 meter or 3 feet distance should be maintained. The people should stay home more as they can so that they could prevent the coronavirus.


Impact from Coronavirus

Coronavirus has a great impact on the economy of the country as it brings the slow down to the economy and causes much harm to the growth of the country. The countries are getting into the recession through the coronavirus, the share marketing is declining and there is a loss in the global income of the country. The economy is getting worst as the global supply chain is declining and people are also facing many other issues.