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The major issue in the US which has been seen is the Corruption as it is affecting the lives and the livelihoods of staggering number of the people. The major threat around the world is the corruption only as it is threatening to the national security of the country. Due to the corruption many immeasurable cost has occurred in the country such as misallocation of the resources, injustice, delay in economics, etc. The faith of the citizens in the country towards the governments and their rule of law are eroded and involves in bribery.



There are many leaders and ministers which conduct fraudulent and dishonest activity as they have the huge power so they involves in bribery. Due to the corruption many criminal expertise has facilitated such as human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, etc. Corruption has affected the economy the economy in negative manner and has divesting impact. Corruption has hurtled everyone which has stated below:

Organization: Corruption has the great impact on the organization as it creates many financial loss and even damages to the morality of the employees. When the organization is involved in the corruption than their reputation gets damaged in the market. The organization impacts of corruption have also resulted in increasing the oversight, scruitinity and the regulations.

Individual: Due to the corruption the individual has to go through with the termination of the employment as by giving the bribery the individual has to go through with this. The discretionary action and criminal charges have to go through by individual due to the corruption. If there personal relationships with the colleagues, families and friends has affected due to the corruption.

Community: Due to the corruption the community has to impact a lot with the wasted taxpayer funds and with the loss of goods and services. The community has to suffer a lot as they lost the confidence in the public authorities. Another major impact is that they lose the trust among the government contracts.



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