Law is a set of some rules and regulations that are defined to maintain peace in a country. It is one of the most important terms that form the basis of a country. It is the method of managing the rules and guidelines listed by a country’s constitution. One of the most highlighting facts is that it helps to bring equality and social justice in a country.

Apart from maintaining peace in a country it also helps in imparting freedom to the common people. There are certain rules and regulations that help an individual to choose their own caste, religion and language. So, in short we can say that it helps in uplifting the overall standard of a country as well as its people.

There are certain key points that the higher authorities should take care while applying a law. A particular law has to be applied depending on the situation. So, a thorough analysis of a situation is very much important in order to apply the best possible law. There are many methods available for analysing a situation. For example, we have some methods from economics that helps in thorough analysis of a situation.

We can divide this subject into two main categories. The first one is the civil and the second one is criminal law. In this article, I am going to elaborate civil and criminal law. The main area of difference between civil and criminal is that civil law deals with the cases that involves two individuals and companies whereas criminal law deals with the cases that involves crime.

The cases that involve civil law are namely land cases, property cases, divorce and personal cases whereas the cases that involve criminal law are namely theft, murder and assault. Depending on the nature of the case we have the nature of the punishments also that is for civil cases the disputes are settled by paying compensation but the cases that comprise criminal cases involve strict punishments.

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