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Learning Objectives

Who will be involved in the project? What expertise will be required?

Who will be involved in the project? What expertise will be required?

What else will be needed? How will you ensure you have it available?

What will you need to do to complete the project?



According to the World Health Organization (2017), dementia is a disorder which dynamically diminishes the capacity of an individual to process his/her musings by falling apart the intellectual usefulness. The reports of WHO, established that in excess of 50 million individuals are influenced with dementia inside which 60 to 70% of the cases are recognized as Alzheimer’s illness (World Health Organization, 2017). According to Hessler et al. (2018), dementia is a wellbeing concern which not just influences the social, subjective, mental and physical parts of the patient yet in addition disturbs the carer’s qualities, their family and society. This is on the grounds that the social marks of disgrace and obstructions forestall the best possible distinguishing proof and treatment of the condition. Henceforth, it has been picked as the clinical territory of enthusiasm for this venture.

Applied Reflective Framework

Reflection is the apparatus utilizing which experts could evaluate their capacities their qualities and shortcomings so that by handling any basic circumstance, they can improve their abilities. While working with dementia understanding, to improve my consideration procedure I will use the Gibb’s intelligent cycle as an intelligent casing function as it will assist me with processing my emotions and examination of the circumstance, and afterward will assist me with finding out the reasonable answers for improve my capacities as a dementia care nurture (Husebø, O’Regan and Nestel, 2015). This structure has six phases, for example, portrayal, sentiments, assessment, investigation, end and activity plan that plots the total system of the intelligent procedure (Karlsson et al., 2015).

ESS500 Learning Contract Management
ESS500 Learning Contract Management

Learning Objectives

Learning destinations, which will be gotten through this venture, are as per the following:

  • After this venture it will be simpler for me to comprehend the parts of care which could be progressively valuable for the patients influenced with dementia and I will have the option to execute my reasoning capacities and comprehension while working with such patients.
  • I will have the option to assess the consideration approach I utilized while thinking about dementia patients will have the option to use my bits of knowledge and encounters to alter the consideration procedure relying upon the circumstance.


As HR, all the nursing experts who have over a year experience of thinking about dementia patient will be included. This is on the grounds that they will have the option to share their encounters and care approach and with amalgamation of their consideration strategy, it will be simpler to address every part of care.

Artistic Resources

All the exploration articles with proof of mediation to treat patients with dementia will be remembered for the undertaking so that through those assets change and usage of care systems and approaches fitting for each patient influenced with dementia could be gotten.

Different Resources

A people group lobby for meets and conversations, access to web to assemble data and senior nursing staff and brain science specialists so that get persistent and their attitude gets simpler for nursing experts. This will be guarantees by looking for consent and awards from the social insurance office directors.

Proposed Method

To finish the task, all the staff and experts will be asked the conversation and discussion meetings with the goal that move of thoughts and abilities could be gotten. Further, banners and leaflets will be circulated inside the office.

Proposed Timeline

These meetings will be composed for 48 hours or 2 days and every day will involve 4 meetings. These meetings will be 45 to an hour long.


Hessler, J. B., Schäufele, M., Hendlmeier, I., Junge, M. N., Leonhardt, S., Weber, J., & Bickel, H. (2018). Behavioural and psychological symptoms in general hospital patients with dementia, distress for nursing staff and complications in care: results of the General Hospital Study. Epidemiology and psychiatric sciences, 27(3), 278-287.

Husebø, S. E., O’Regan, S., & Nestel, D. (2015). Reflective practice and its role in simulation. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 11(8), 368-375.

Karlsson, S., Bleijlevens, M., Roe, B., Saks, K., Martin, M. S., Stephan, A., … & RightTimeCarePlace Consortium. (2015). Dementia care in European countries, from the perspective of people with dementia and their caregivers. Journal of advanced nursing, 71(6), 1405-1416.

World Health Organization. (2017). Dementia. Retrieved from

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