Experiences of work from home

Experiences of work from home

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Experiences of work from home

I got flexibility by doing experiences of work from home as I can do my work whenever I want. I could wear cozy clothes and do the work by even taking the nap in between which is not possible at the working premises. Although I miss the office for many things such as for communicating with the colleagues but at the same time doing work at home I am not getting distractions. Productivity gets much stronger by working at home as I can focus more on the work.

I got some kind of difficulties in doing the work from home such as to do the communication with the top management is quite difficult. When I found any difficulty or when I have to report to the senior authorities I have to makes the calls and sometimes I don’t even get the response. There may be a possibility that when I used to call them they are quite busy at some other work so this creates the biggest issues.

I have set my schedule of working as per my flexibility which is the biggest benefit attained from Work for home. When I have to attend the office there are some specific hours when I have to be available and there was some specific break time so I do not take the nap in between. But now working at home the biggest advantage which I have attained is that I can take the naps in between and work as per my flexibility.




Another biggest advantage that I have gained is that I have learned more about how to be independent as by working at home I am reliable on myself. I don’t use to ask or make calls to the senior authority for the small things. I make my own decisions and become more independent. I also miss attending the meetings at the office premises but I am also enjoying my zone at home.

I miss the office coffee machine majorly but at the same time, food made by my mother and handmade tea of her is just can’t avoidable. I am missing the office badly as it’s been too long now but doing the work at home is not that much bad experience and I am enjoying my own space and flexibility.