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Computer Programming is the process of communicating with a computer to perform different tasks. The thing is that the entire journey of programming can be divided into three phases. The first phase is providing some inputs to the computer. The second phase is the processing of the given inputs to produce the desired results. The third phase is the generation of the desired outputs. Out of the three phases, the main phase is the processing of the inputs in order to get the desired output. So, that is the main reason why programming is done. It is done to manipulate the given inputs to produce the desired result that a particular user wants. A role of the programmer is to analyze the output that a user wants and thereafter code that result in a particular programming language.

There are different languages that are available in the market. Since, each item in the market has its own good qualities and bad qualities that can attract a consumer. In the same way each language has some good and some bad features that can attract a programmer. The different languages that are available to a programmer are namely – C, C++, ASP.Net, Java, and Python. There are other languages but the languages that I have mentioned above forms the basis of the programming industry. A programmer also has a specific style of programming and moreover his area of interests also matters. What I want to convey is that a web developer will not be able to write good lines of code to run a desktop application. In the same manner different programming language has a different use.

The programming has influenced the lives of common people to such an extent that a common person can’t even imagine his life without programming. Why I am saying is because everything today depends upon programming. The life that we are living today would not have been possible without the applications that these programmers have made for us. Things have become very easy now just because of these programming languages. Now, we don’t have to wait in lines to pay our bills or to shop. Today all these things are a matter of just a click. Thanks to these programmers who have done so much for us. So, what I want to say is that programming is indeed playing a very important role in our day to day lives.

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