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In the present world where everyone wants to be a business tycoon, it is very important for an organization to maintain the inflow of works. A business doesn’t run on itself. We will need some basic support and quality skills in order to maintain the pace of a firm. What I actually want to convey is that in order to run a particular business we need to have a proper supply of man power, capital and the most important of all good quality projects. The thing is that some good projects only form the basis of modern day business.

Since projects play a very important role in uplifting the overall standard of an organization, therefore it is necessary that the incoming flow of projects should be well managed. In an organization we have different departments like human resources, marketing and finance department to focus on a particular issue. In the same manner we have Project Management Department to look after the management of incoming projects. In this article, I am going to underline the different approach that helps in managing the projects more efficiently. The different phases of a project can be initialization of the project, planning and designing of the project, construction of the project and completion of the project. In the next few lines I am going to elaborate the above mentioned phases.

  • Initialization of the project: This is the foremost phase of any project. Initialization of a project matters a lot. So, it should be the first and the foremost duty of the project manager to give a head start to the project with proper enthusiasm.
  • Designing and planning a project: The main reason behind the failure of a project is the fact that the project doesn’t have proper designing and planning. Proper designing helps the project in gaining extra stars after its completion. So, the project management team should spend some valuable time in designing and proper planning of the project.
  • Construction of a project: A project should be constructed properly keeping in view the demands of the customers. Well constructed project always have some extra qualities in order to gain attention.
  • Completion of a project: A project should be completed before the given deadline in order to make a quick go through for the whole project.

There are many more important phases of project management. I have tried to include the most important phases that matters a lot while managing a project.

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