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HRES2101: Change Management

Assignment 2: Individual Reflective Assignment – Chapter 1 to 8


This report represents the changes made in the Stanfield’s company. This is the Company manufactured the Canadian Garment. This  is the public  limited company .The 550 employees are there in the company and they sold the products of the company all over the Canada and all over the world. Recently in October 2010, the Stanfield‘s was the first manufacturer who donate $25000 at first and later $50000 to testicular cancer research. This made the company internet sensation in Canada. In this report the changes in the corporation and the Albert human right act , employee performance tool , communication plan and the Gantt chart for the implementation of chart has been discussed in detail.

1. Select a change related to a corporation

a. Classification of the type of change and the pressures that force the change in the Stan fields:

In 1896 Charles Stan fields sold his business to Frank and John and the company got renamed as the Truro Knitting Mills Limited. The company at that time got new idea to produce shrink-proof heavy woollen underwear for the workers of Klondike Gold Rush. Then in 1915 produce unshrinkable underwear. Later in 1910, the Stanfield’s expanded into t-shirts and other garments following World War II.

b. Positive effect of the change.

The positive effects of such changes in that period that was very useful for the workers of klondlike Gold Rush. Also, the expression of the company increases the cells of the company and enhances the demand of the customer that leads to the increase the profit of the company (Cameron & Green, 2019).

Describe the resistance that the change might trigger.

The fear of failure of the change .The Stanfield company of the Canada have a fear when expanding  in the T-shirts and the other garments that  whether  the customer purchase it or not and many  more triggers  that resistance to change are the lack of confidence, poor communication and unrealistic timelines.

d. Explain the three level of organizational readiness.

Resource accessibility, Job demands, and seasonal factors are the determinants of the changes and the three level of organisational readiness.

2. Research the Alberta Human Rights Act

a. Summarize four protected grounds in Alberta Human Rights Act.

Alberta Human Right Act prohibits the discernment in the workplace based on the protected grounds of gender, race, age, colour, marital status, physical disability and status etc.

The four protected grounds are summarised below:

Gender: In the workplace the discrimination is often seen regarding to the male and female employee. The males are paid more in comparison to the female for the same type of work.

Race: The different culture people work in the workplace and follow their different traditions and each of them must be respected (Barrow et al., 2017).

Marital status: The often discrimination seen in the job that the company at their workplace hiring unmarried people easily in comparison to the married one.

Physical disability: The physically challenged person always has difficulty in finding the employment. The physically abled person get easily job in comparison to the disabled person.

 b. Explain two advantages from the perspective of a Human Resources Practitioner for implementing best practices meeting the requirements of non-discrimination.

Recruitment and selection: The Human Resource practitioner must be an independent person and recruit and select the personnel without biasness.

Training and development: Providing training to all the employees whether the male and female

3. Plan how you will integrate the change.

a. Create a strategy of how to implement this change using the four-step formula and

Step 1: Analyse and identify the situation of the workplace.

Step2:  Select one change from the different change required

Step 3: Implement the change.

Step 4: Review the changes.

b.Reference specific the sections of Alberta Human Rights of Alberta that will support the proposed change.

Section 4 of the Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits the discrimination in the provision of the goods and services and on the basis of the protected grounds like age, gender, income status etc.

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c. Identify the positive behaviours you will be observing in the employees to this change.

The employees are very interested in learning the new process of selling the new product because the demand is higher of that product in the market

d.Discuss how you will minimize the resistance to this change.

It has Creating awareness about the benefits of the change to the company.

e.Describe two metrics you will use to support the implementation of the new practices.

Customer service metrics: The customer service metrics are valuable because they provide knowledge how frequently the company interact with the customers.

KPI: It is the metrics that helps in the measurement of the performance of the company.

4. Establish an employee performance management instrument.

Employee performance Management instrument are the software or the tools are the Human resource software that aids the company to track the performance of the employee in the workplace.

This type of software measured the performance of the employee in consistent and regular manner. It also assures or track the performance of the cross functional department in the achievement of the goals (Doppelt, 2017).

Factorial is the employee performance management instrument used by the company to easily manage and compute the performance of employees with the customised questionnaires and assigned spectators.

Factorial is also helpful in tracking the performance of the company with the customer reports and includes the review in the portal of employee. Also have a feature of instant sending of the notification to the participants.

It is a web based solution that connects with the all types of ads ons and equipments to assure the management of the performance accordance with the day to day workflow.

The Factorial software has integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, and hundreds of accessible implements through the account of Zapier.

The price of purchasing the factorial application begins at $32.50 per user per month and it has offers free trial for 14 days (Hayes, 2018).

5. Establish a communication plan.


Audience Key message Delivery method Date/duration of a session (if applicable) Location
Employees Effective working Meetings 2 Hour Staffroom
Management Accomplish objectives Meeting 2 Hour Meeting room
Staff member Training Coaching 1 Hour Coaching classroom
Customers Provide information Media Weekly Media
Managers To set goals Meeting Weekly Conference room
Applicants Eligibility Interviews Monthly Office

6. Propose a timeline for implementation – use Excel to prepare a Gantt chart.

Serial No. Activities Start date End date
1  Research 05-04-2020 06-04-2020
2   Select change 07-04-2020 08-04-2020
3   creating awareness about the change 09-04-2020 11-04-2020
4 implementation of change 12-04-2020 14-04-2020
5 Review and feedback 15-04-2020 17-04-2020


The analysis has been made from this report that the company easily adopt the changes that are required for the success and the growth of the company. The positive effects of such changes to the company has represented in this report. Also, the changes and innovation increases the cells of the company and enhances the demand of the customer that leads to the increase the profit of the company. 


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